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Eleanor Born played a role in the Beatles' film "Help!". With the first verse written by Paul McCartney, the song was completed with the help of John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Lennon's childhood friend Pete Shotton, each of which gave some lyric lines.
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Look at all those lonely people I still wonder where they go Look at all those fancy people They all seem to really know Something, we don't know.


Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Gotthard - Lonely people Lyrics Gotthard. She was frequenting the church where he worked and he was the only one who attended her funeral. He came as a friend because he picked up dirt to throw over her. It's sad because if you are a lonely person, you never know how close you may be to someone else who is lonely.

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General Comment This is obviously a song about lonely people. It seems that Eleanor Rigby was a lonely single person, she often went to Church, perhaps to ease the emptiness that she felt inside, maybe she even hoped to make friends there. Whilst in Church perhaps she saw the rice left over from other peoples' weddings, and often regretted that she had never had the chance to get married or have a family.

In the UK it is a tradition that when people are buried for the closest relative s to throw a handful of dirt into the grave before it is filled in. Because Eleanor had no relatives or friends at her graveside, Father Mackenzie felt sorry for her, and decided to do it, hence "Wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from the grave" "No one was saved" perhaps sums up how Father Mackenzie feels, nobody comes to his Church, all he does is bury people and he has had no opportunity to help anybody with their problems or feel like he has played a part in bettering somebody else's life.

Perhaps Eleanor was so lonely that she committed suicide in the Church which would also be an alternative to "Died in the Church", and also why Father Mackenzie feels guilty at not being in the Church to talk to her and try to stop her from killing herself. General Comment I really love this song and being a philosophy minor makes me love it even more. I think the Beatles are pointing out where all this unhappiness comes from. First off, E.

Gotthard - Lonely People Lyrics

R is most likely a nun or janitor picking up rice who wants to get closer to F. M, but because of Catholicism they can't be together implementing religion for unhappiness. Also, the next part about wearing a face in a jar by the door is referring to makeup worn to give the illusion of happiness or just putting on a front whenever in public to try to be happy like everyone else, but it turns out there are truly many unhappy people so society as well.

The next part about writing words that no one will hear, has to do with F. M who is trying to help others but he can't even help himself because of a religion that is supposed to make life better, but is doing the opposite "No-one comes near" and " a sermon no one will hear. The last part about E. R dying gives a truthful yet sad example of what the outcome and future holds; E. Also the last lines about F.

All The Lonely People Lyrics by Beatles

M "wiping the dirt from his hands" is almost like he is once again not reflecting on what has happened and blindly following something that has led to such anguish. I think this song says a lot about the Beatles views on religion and we can't really dispute all of this Memory I remember walking through the halls of my Juinor High school, years back, with hundreds of people bumping and pushing, and thinking: "i wonder how many times i've seen these same people, and yet i've still never seen them before, i'm seeing them for the first time.

The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby coverd by Our Last Night lyrics

Walking down the halls, you see all kinds of people, and everyone is there with a purpose. But you, just walking to class, are the lonliest, like a fish bowl, you are only a spektator. I think the lines "Father McKenzie, writing the words of a sermon that no-one will hear" and "[Eleanor Rigby] waits at the window, wearing a face she keeps in a jar by the door" are the most meaning full. The first one is like all the things you hear, and see, and that maybe someone has spent time working on, and you will never really see it, or remember it.

The second one is like when you have a job where 'the costomer is always right,' and you always have to smile even though you don't have a need to, or you don't want to. It's pretty depressing trying to live life impressing others. I get this image of someone sitting in a run down, dark room looking out a window, which is a rather depressing scene, and the door bell rings. So she gets up and greets her guests with a surprised greeting and a smile. But then she goes back to sitting in her chair, looking out her gloomy window.

ME68 I really love your opening lines in this response, and it really caused me to think. The truthfulness of this is awe-inspiring, and it makes me think of how anyone could dress themselves up and put on a face "wearing a face she keeps in a jar by the door" , but you never really KNOW anyone until you speak with them for a while and can get a sense of them.

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The face, the mask, that one can put on can hide someone's bold soul, and lonely people have a bad habit of putting on that mask. Every day at school, I get this same feeling as you, as if there are so many souls that I have never gotten the chance to know or talk to. All I see as I walk down the hallway, my music blaring in my ears, are faces. Smiling faces, frowning faces, laughing faces, faces that are covered by someone else's, all of which I have never really seen.

One of my goals in life is to be able to "see" as many people's faces as possible. Yet, as always, what makes this a TLI song is the attention to detail, exploring every corner and crevice of such an absurd notion. The beat and sample are gnarly as hell, too. Nevertheless, the sheer magnitude of their aggression, combined with the rad, fuzzed-out backing track, makes this one to remember.

Still bangs. The lyrics are so simple and the situations being rapped about so mundane that giggles are mandatory. Please, lord, let him direct a film starring TLI. You could call it Male Trouble , I guess. Andy takes charge in this one, wailing about a far-future sporting event gone awry, and his insane performance merges perfectly with the metallic sheen of the backing track. It has no specific character or plot references to the album and just feels like classic TLI: a bizarre, sorta-sexy-except-not premise carried out in excruciating and hilarious detail.

The lyrics are specific to the point of being hypnotic — and speaking of hypnotic, the little choral interludes are simply fantastic. Narrative drift plays a key role here, with the initial stuff about malfunctioning phalluses which is great on its own! God bless. Not one to sleep on.

They genuinely find nothing wrong with homosexual relations and although they delve into tropes about gay culture, they never do so disrespectfully. I mean, the whole idea here is to make fun of people who like sex with men but perform internalized homophobia! What a noble goal! Chris Redd puts in a monster of a performance on this lyrical tour through the hell of one sick mind and the horror-movie production fits oh so well.

TLI often go for the gross-out, but they wisely never went this far in their own voices. However, the fact that they can do it is further proof of their genius. Well, they hate them, but they also respect them, as evidenced by the bit where they compliment someone on how good his jeans are by pointing out how much they make them want to punch said jeans. We hear a dialogue between two dudes, one of whom just went through a breakup and needs consolation and the other of whom earnestly wants to help his pal get through this tough time. The narrative is clear and heartfelt and the humor comes not from jokes , per se, but rather from your knowledge that none of this really belongs in a hip-hop song, yet feels utterly natural in that environment.

Of course, no athlete will have the balls to adopt it, what with its open admission of steroid use and endorsement of physical violence against the fans of other teams. Why someone would choose to describe a sexual encounter in terms of the illegal and era-ending execution of Osama bin Laden is totally beyond me, but that choice was followed by a flawless execution. The lyrical shout-out to President Obama is sure to make you wistful, so be prepared. Appreciating paintings is hard, man! The boasts and attacks are shocking and Portman does a remarkable job of never winking or going too far over the top.

They should play this shit at Harvard graduations. However, there is one man who dares to fight back. He is the defiant id, unleashed, and we are lucky to have been in his vocal presence. Here are two men in their prime portraying two other men in their prime and basking in the luxurious waters of confidence.

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  5. But no, these are truly pansexual gents, it seems — they are as into girls baring their breasts as they are into sharing a life with a dude. Hell yeah. Her mastery of flow and delivery is nothing short of extraordinary, the beat is sick, and the lyrics are genius.