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Marriage and Civil Union Certificates. Getting Married? If you are planning to marry in Connecticut, you must obtain a marriage license from the vital records.
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Alex Byron, Enfield High School.

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He has been asked to work shifts when the Friendly's owner or a high ranking manager enters the store. Alex is planning a business career and has applied to colleges that have an excellent business ciruculm. Also activities included working at the Animal Shelter in Springfield and fund raising for that facility, helping our Club with Amber Alert and planning their own Amber Alert, and a fund raising Bake Sale. Steven Damon, Guest Editor. Enfield Town Councilman Ed Deni also joined us for the ceremonies.

The restaurant raised the funds when it auctioned off signs, decorations and memorabilia from the old The money will be applied to our project to install a walking path and children's amphitheater at the Rotary Accessible Playground at the Enfield Public Library on Middle Rd.

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We truly appreciate your support. Photo by Rotarian Mike Helechu. October 7, — 33 years ago. What play was it? What was the name of the tribe of cats? The Jellicle tribe. What was the name of the patriarch of the Jellicle tribe? Old Deuteronomy. Ed shared a map of the project. Proceeds from the 99 Restaurant auction will benefit the new walking trail. Lindsey mentioned that the playground needs some minor repairs and cleaning. This task might be something for the club to address in the spring. Kevin and Ed said that the town of Enfield suggested adding a water fountain near the playground, but this would be a large expense.

Rotary Leadership Institute is on Nov 7th in Chicopee. The club will sponsor the cost to attend. See Nick for details. Ed Palomba shared exciting news from a recent Rotarian magazine: Nigeria is Polio free and Africa has gone one year without a case.

Guest Speaker Prasad Menon. Prasad visited our club to speak about positive updates in our fight against Polio. Rotary's attempt to eradicate Polio began in when a single club in the Philippines asked for funding to prevent Polio in their club area. The project spread through the Philippines. In , the 40th anniversary of the UN, the WHO began an initiative to vaccinate children in the developing world. Rotary's attempt to eradicate Polio throughout the world proved more difficult than planned, mostly because of political struggles.

India hasn't seen a case of Polio in one year. Nigeria has seen success because tribal leaders began supporting the vaccination efforts. One region along the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan continues to be a struggle because of the political climate. However, Pakistan passed a law prohibiting anyone from resisting vaccination attempts. The Pakistani Army began escorting healthcare workers.

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Their cases of Polio have drastically dropped in the past year from to Rotary International plans to complete Polio eradication by We are closing in on the end date, and we are close to success. A year ago, there were more than cases worldwide, and there are just 44 today. Remember that October is Polio Month. Respectfully submitted by Lindsey Weber. July was a great month for the Enfield Rotary Club. We inaugurated a new President and heard his inaugural address later in the month , met at the Accessible Playground to celebrate its 3rd Anniversary and listened to presentations by a couple of our newest Rotarians.

Ah, the joys of raising a child! We're happy to have this great police team on duty, but Officer Colantuono has his hands full handling and training a young pup with a lot of energy and youthful enthusiasm. Interesting back story: Officer Colantuono was a police officer in the Bronx for six years and, as he puts it, "saw it all.

The job opening at Enfield PD came along at just the right time. The Colantounos are raising a family and a K-9 partner. Is Enfield a big change from the Bronx? Throw some murder, thefts, domestic violence and a lot of drugs into the pot and we have the same problems. How many ZIP Codes are there? Who's the father of the ZIP Code? There's one at Enfield St.

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  5. School that is funded by the State Dept. The second which used to be at Hazardville Memorial School is now located at the former Stowe Elementary School that recently served as the Safety Academy. The centers provide not only day and after-school activities for some children half of whom come from families that are struggling to make ends meet , but also offer many parenting education classes and family activities as well. Tickets will be on sale at the event. Most of our fellow Rotarians must have been on vacation because there was a pretty small turnout.

    We know that Greg doesn't rush through invocations, but he sure steps on the gas when it comes to parliamentary procedure. I blinked and the meeting was over. No one complained, though, because it was such a nice day. Friday the 17th brought our Rotary breakfast at the Country Diner.

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    We were joined by former member Jordan Chatis as well as current but departing member Ed Sharpless. No ladies graced the gathering; and gentleman Sean Stevens took care of the entire tab while we were all busy eating. Ed was riding his bike a week ago, hit a bad patch of road and crashed. He broke his collar bone and clavicle. He's recuperating. I think he just wanted to avoid unpacking and let Lois do all the work. For the first time ever at least in my foggy recollection , we're going to have three teams in the District tournament on August 3rd.

    I guess when the club President golfs, everyone golfs. He's even invited us to take a few divots out of Crestview Country Club on August 6th. Eric had some great hospitality business stories. For example, Hillary Clinton once used his office for a newspaper interview during the New Hampshire primaries. Of course, using his office entailed bomb-sniffing dogs and lots of Secret Service people. He has been working in hospitality for the past 38 years and very seriously enjoys being in Enfield. The New Hampshire property was probably the most interesting because the state kicks off everyone's presidential campaigns with the first-in-the-nation primaries every four years.

    Jeff was next. I was pretty much the only Rotarian in the room who hasn't had either a business or personal connection in helping Jeff start, run and build his commercial cleaning business. He had a very long list of people who mentored, guided and sometimes had to push him in the right direction.

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    4. The fact that he and his wife just celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Sparkle Services earlier this year is a testament to the impact many Rotarians have had on his life. He has always been impressed with the community projects and generosity of the Rotary Club and has wanted to join us for many years.

      We'll be having more New Rotarian Talks in the coming weeks. I don't know about you, but these are always the best programs.

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      Every once in awhile, we'll throw in an "Old Rotarian Talk" too. July 29th brought our meeting at the Accessible Playground. Library Director and former Rotarian Henry Dutcher stopped by for two minutes to say hello, but was up to his eyeballs in library activities, department meetings and problems. Henry is going to be retiring in September; there hasn't been an announcement yet about finding his replacement. Please let me know if I've left someone off this list.

      Our new President finally got his opportunity to tell us what his plans are for the Rotary year, who's serving as directors and committee chairs and a little bit about himself. Nick has been a member since He was sponsored by Lou Mager, who was our Superintendent of Schools at the time. He has been involved in the Rotary Classic Girls' Basketball Tournament as a co-chair with brother-in-law Ed Palomba for many years Scott Kaupin is going to step in to take his place this year and is among that group of Rotarians you'll see at virtually every pancake breakfast, wine tasting, Cinco K Mayo Road Race, etc.

      He has served as Secretary and was named a Paul Harris Fellow in That's a tall order, but he encouraged everyone to invite prospective members to meetings or special events. Chris Casey and Derek Meade are heading up a Membership Committee and will be coming up with some ideas for increasing our numbers. We currently have 46 active members; when Nick joined the club 25 years ago, we had more than 70 members.

      Our club has always been generous in this area, with percent of our members participating in annual support. Nick has passed out lists of committees and there are plenty from which to choose. Every member we few, we happy few.