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Whilst we were in post-production, we reviewed the material and decided to create the three-parter as well, which was then sold to Netflix in this format specifically. How did that happen? They also made sure that Netflix got a chance to see it in advance. The show is now available for streaming in English-language territories; a global launch will roll out over the course of the year. In the meantime…. Thus the plan is to work towards a episode second season, and Netflix already has the exclusive option on it.

Walls did clarify that because 10 episodes is a larger commitment, there would have to be adjustments. We made this without any interference from studios or networks. And also 20, companies. I don't think we can get 20 companies to talk to each other nowadays. But back then, to have that kind of cooperation for the common goal was the pinnacle of human history, in my opinion. I've been looking at wealth and consumerism and materialism over the past 25 years in my photography and filmmaking, and so she was always this iconic reference point.

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But I actually did not know that she was alive, back in Manila, and had become a congresswoman again until I read an article in Bloomberg by this reporter William Mellor that was actually about an animal island that she created. And that's the thing that got me hooked.

People knew about the shoes, but the ultimate extravagance to me was depopulating an island in the South China Sea, kicking off the indigenous people and bringing in exotic animals from Africa. But it ended up being something very different, and taking me down a political path and looking at money as it relates to power and political dynasty and the rewriting of history. Julia, in your case, you were dealing with a Chinese entrepreneur, Cao Dewang, who gave you extraordinary access, even when he was going through some rocky times.

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Can you talk about navigating that relationship? It's kind of a mega story, that film, the closing of the plant, the leaving of the American capitalists and then the coming of a Chinese capitalist to our town to offer jobs to people. The chairman was proud that he was doing that, that he was bringing jobs to our community, and that he was going to produce high-quality glass.

It's one thing to get access; it's another thing to get trust.

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I think we got the trust of the American blue-collar workers because they had all seen The Last Truck and they knew that we understood their journey and we had followed it for 10 years almost at that point. The chairman could see we could make a good film, he saw that The Last Truck was an Oscar nominee, and I think he thought, "These are my guys.

So even though there were some uncomfortable meetings, the chairman said yes. And he never took back that access. The chairman saw us working really, really hard, carrying heavy equipment, sweating along with everybody else working there, day after day, year after year, and I think he respected that hard work. Asif, if Diego Maradona saw your previous film, Amy , about Amy Winehouse, he knew this was going to be a warts-and-all portrayal.

That didn't deter him from letting you follow him? And the two of them were at their peak around the same time. So when Maradona was playing football in Italy in the '80s, Senna was racing cars at the same time. Amy helped us in a peculiar way. When my producers were doing the deal with Maradona's people, Amy went on this awards run and won an Oscar. So he posted on his Facebook page a picture of me with the Oscar, sort of saying, "This guy just won an Oscar, his next film is about me. He is kind of part Ayrton Senna and part Amy Winehouse as a character.

He is this Latin American macho hero but also very vulnerable. And that's not the way he has been seen before. So yeah, funnily enough, the previous films really helped. Alex, you have a body of work that I think would scare potential collaborators away.

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Weirdly, the subject of my film, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, saw Enron. Now it happened that he knew Ken Lay as a business contemporary because he was in the oil business in Russia in the '90s. He was Russia's richest man. So he sort of enjoyed it.

Why do some people develop the lost camera films of total strangers?

It was kind of brash. But I think also he had been persuaded by people around him that I was good. And I think he was ready to be honest, in a way, so I don't think it particularly scared him. He's also kind of a macho guy, so I think he went into it unafraid, almost like, "Bring it on. And also by being honest. I got interested in the subject in a way after our election.

But I am a student of power and abuses of power and certainly see patterns like that. So I think by being straight with him, that was the way I ultimately gained a measure of trust. And I think that trust maintains itself even after the film has come out. The first half of it is very critical of him and the second half looks at him in a very different light, as somebody who became a dissident. So I think he was OK with that. MILLER I'm interested to hear from you guys, when you put a camera into a situation, how does it change the power dynamic for the subjects that you're following?

Did you see them change over the course of filming? He's not naturally giving, and he was very stiff initially. But we shot an interview over nine days — four days before I went to Russia and five days after I came back. We ended up getting into a deeper and deeper and deeper discussion over time. That's inevitably what happens. I think most of us want to tell our story, the key thing is being convinced that the person to whom you're telling it is trustworthy, is going to be able to be willing to be generous and listen. And in a way [Marcos] was savvier about the media than any of us.

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  • She said, "Perception is real and the truth is not. My view of her and relationship to her really changed as I realized how unreliable a narrator she was and also how dangerous it was that what seemed maybe funny or frivolous in the beginning became deadly serious. You were interested in finding out what happened in Russia, you were interested in finding out what happened with democracy in the Philippines.

    We were interested in finding out what was going on in Trump Land, where we live … That's something we're all interested in right now — the state of the democratic ideals …. The biggest challenge was for [Christopher Plummer] to learn 22 scenes. The rest is history. The firm will set a day-and-date release in the U. Andes has picked [ Film Festival. M-appeal is handling world sales.

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    Film Festival, where the film had its world [ Paramount chief Jim Gianopulos announced the untitled project in June [