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Find Marion County arrest, court, criminal, inmate, divorce, phone, address, bankruptcy, sex offender, property, and other public records. In compliance with Florida's broad public records law, the Marion County Ocala, FL
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Furthermore, please feel free to contact our office and establish either a telephone conference or an appointment. We have been there, done that and know how to do it. We can help. Need an experienced lawyer with a proven track record? Call us. If you have been arrested for a crime, or are under criminal investigation or simply a suspect, you are most likely to become involved in the criminal justice system.

This, just like any other first experience, can surely be most unsettling and unfortunately detrimental. Facing criminal accusations can be one of the most frightening and confusing experiences in your life. You, as an individual, are out manned, out gunned and out financed by experienced prosecutors, supported by the vast resources of the United States or State Governments. All criminal charges must be taken seriously. You normally have but one chance to defend yourself. Attempting to ignore your legal problems or assuming that they will go away is not the answer.

Decisions you make about your criminal defense, now, will affect the possible outcome of those charges and most likely will affect the rest of your life. However you choose, we strongly encourage you to obtain the services of an experienced criminal attorney , immediately. Do not wait for the Court to appoint a public defender or a conflict lawyer for you.

Marion County Arrest, Court, and Public Records

Choose an attorney or law firm that you feel appropriate. Regardless of who you hire, be sure that they have the proven track record and experience to assist you in your case. Remember, you have absolute rights. Be sure you find someone that knows them and will protect them. Interested in one of the following topics? Click to learn more. Misdemeanor: A crime punishable by up to one year in the county jail. Misdemeanors are dealt with by the County Court. However, if a misdemeanor is combined with a felony, it, more than likely, will be handled by the Felony Court assigned to the case.

A crime that is punishable by one year or more in the state prison. All felonies are handled in the Circuit Courts. Felonies are initiated by arrest relating to certain charges which are classified as such. Felonies are processed in the Circuit Courts and the Court process is usually commenced with an arraignment. You may retain an attorney at any time, regardless of how far your case has proceeded. It is, most often, best to retain an attorney when you first learn that there may be an investigation; however, there is no impediment in obtaining an attorney of your choice at a later date.

You may be represented by the public defender or a Court appointed attorney, known as a conflict lawyer, if you cannot afford to retain private counsel. However, you may be responsible for paying the costs of the public defender, initially an appointment fee, or additional public defender fees at the conclusion of your case.

Arrests are predicated upon probable cause. Where there is no simple answer to determine specifically what probable cause is, it is best explained that the police must rely on what they believe to be good and accurate information to substantiate a crime, upon which the arrest is made. Misdemeanor arrests are usually made for a crime which occurs in the presence of the person making the arrest.

There may be exceptions, such as relating to shoplifting cases, where the store security guard makes the arrest, but the police, upon their arrival, effectuate the arrest. There are others.

Felony arrest can be made by probable cause, arrest warrants or, for more serious cases, Informations and Indictments. Arrival at the police station Photographs mug shots Fingerprints A search of your person. To avoid introduction of weapons, drugs, contraband, etc.

General questions on background information Questions as to visiting, booking number, charges, court dates, can be obtained at the time of booking. In some instances [misdemeanor arrests], your court date may begin with a court appearance Notice to Appear and not an actual physical arrest. The law does not require the police to release their reports. However, attorneys can often convince the officer to discuss the case with them or provide a courtesy copy of the report before it is put in the Court file. Obtaining timely reports or early information, allows the attorney to initiate his own investigation on your behalf, resulting in contacts, which may otherwise not be readily available, thereafter.

This is another reason to obtain the services of an attorney, early on in the proceedings. Additionally, reports can be confusing and the assistance of an experienced attorney can help decipher, what may not readily be understandable, and allow a full explanation of the charges. The prosecuting attorney's office has the authority to bring criminal charges.

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They also have the authority to drop criminal charges. This is not the case. Police officers initiate arrests based on probable cause, predicated upon a belief that a certain crime was committed. Police officers do not file charges. In fact, the charges upon which a person is arrested by police, may often be changed, at a later date, by the prosecutor, after review of the elements of the crime and the overall facts having been uncovered. This is an avenue that your attorney will explore directly with you and the victim.

If you have questions, you should speak with an attorney.

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Bail is initially set by the arresting officer; usually in accordance with a bail schedule published by the Court in each county. The Office of Vital Statistics is responsible for the recording and issuance of certified copies of Birth and Death Certificates. Currently, the office can only provide death certificates for deaths that occurred in Marion County. Marion County Health Department, Office of Vital Statistics , can access birth records for anyone born within the State of Florida from to the present.

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Find Sex Offenders in your area With our sex offender mapping you can view offender locations and their proximity to your place of residence, schools, etc. With your membership you can search public records in all 50 states.

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You can search the following records for Florida: People Records. Baker County. Bay County. Bradford County. Brevard County. Broward County.

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